We believe in equal opportunity and access. Technology should be available to anyone who wants to build a better future.
We can't think of a more exciting way to empower people than helping them take part in the ongoing digital asset revolution. Since 2009, Bitcoin and the breakthrough blockchain technology have paved the way to a new economy. What started as a grassroots movement quickly turned into a multi-billion dollar ecosystem, at growth rates comparable to the early days of the internet. Unfortunately, the technical complexity behind the blockchain kept this opportunity out of reach for most people. Until now.
Our mission is to build and give you access to the kind of tools that would normally only be available to institutional and large corporations. While some of our competitors don’t pick up the phone for less than $5 million, we’ll be happy to help you no matter the amount. You get the same quality of service and protections. We’re here to empower you and bring trust and legitimacy to the ecosystem.

Who are we?

We've successfully founded and grown companies before. Our senior executive team built and helped manage global online communities of tens of millions of people. You’re in good hands.
We’re seasoned entrepreneurs, with strong technical backgrounds.
George Bordianu
Chief Executive Officer
Baha Nurlybayev
Vladimir Li
Chief Technology Officer
Nuno Silva
Chief Product Officer
Our advisors help us stay on the right track.
Geoffrey Cher
Marc Richardson Arnould
Partner, Marc Richardson Arnould LLP
Brad Kirby
VP of Market Development, EDJX
Genia Mikhalchenko
Senior BizDev Representative, BitMEX
Michael Rabkin
Head of Institutional Sales,
Jean Desgagne
CEO, Stablecorp


Backed by Techstars, the world’s largest business accelerator program and network.
Strategic investment provided by Bicameral Ventures' dedicated blockchain fund.
Canada’s top fintech & AI
private business accelerator.
Localcoin is the largest digital asset
ATM network in Canada.

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