Your assets are safe with us.

We’re a security-driven company. Our company’s digital assets and inventory are stored next to yours. We wouldn’t ask you to put your assets where we wouldn’t put ours. Strict internal controls and policies mitigate external threats, human error, and misuse of insider access.
Proprietary Offline Storage
  • Assets are kept secure on specialized military-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).
  • We use HSMs that have achieved a rating of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or equivalent.
  • Our HSMs are kept fully offline in geographically distributed bank-grade vaults.
  • Private key management and transaction signing happen entirely offline.
  • Our HSMs are custom-built to our exact needs and specifications.
  • The vaults we use are access controlled, monitored, and guarded 24/7.
Strict Internal Controls
  • Our co-founders are unable to independently transfer any of your digital assets.
  • All employees undergo criminal and credit background checks and are subject to ongoing background checks throughout their employment.
  • Our employees are never in possession of or have direct access to any assets.
  • Our offices do not store or contain anything of value.
  • Administrative access to our production environments requires multiple independent sets of multi-factor credentials.
  • All transfers require the coordinated actions of multiple signatories across our organizations.
  • Tier-based access controls are required to access any of our environments.
  • We restrict employee access based on role, following the principle of least-privilege.

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