Your assets are safe with us.

We’re a security driven company. Our company’s digital assets and inventory are stored next to yours. We wouldn’t ask you to put your assets where we wouldn’t put ours. Strict internal controls and policies protect your assets against external threats, human error, and misuse of insider access.
Digital asset security
  • The majority of customer funds are stored in Deep Cold Storage, in safe deposit boxes and secure vaults across North America.
  • We use HSMs that have achieved a rating of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or higher. True military grade security.
  • Our HSMs are stored in guarded, monitored, and access-controlled facilities that are geographically distributed.
  • All private keys are generated, stored and managed offline, onboard our Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), for the lifetime of the key.
  • All transaction signing happens offline, onboard our HSMs.
  • Hardware is sourced from diverse manufacturers to guard against supply-chain risks.

Our team is made of people …

… and people sometimes make mistakes. Our internal controls prevent those mistakes from propagating and affecting you. We audit our policies and controls at regular intervals.
Internal controls
  • Our co-founders are unable to individually transfer funds out of the Deep Cold Storage.
  • All employees undergo criminal and credit background checks, and are subject to ongoing background checks throughout their employment.
  • Our offices do not store or contain anything of value.
  • Administrative access to our production environment requires multi-factor authentication. No remote access is permitted.
  • All transfers require the coordinated actions of multiple employees and multiple signatories.
  • Tiered access-controls are applied to our production environment, and restrict employee access based on role, following the principle of least-privilege.
  • Our insurance policy protects us from employee negligence or clerical errors.

How can it be both secure and fast?

It’s in the technology. That’s what we’re good at. Our asset management platform is built on top of what we call a Digital Asset Cache™. Think of it as a treasure chest full of digital coins, buried in the blockchain. You have full control of the key.
A Digital Asset Cache™ is:
  • a self-managed collection of digital wallets, across multiple blockchains;
  • can be created, transacted, and liquidated as one single unit;
  • a Layer 2 protocol, similar in that regard to the Lightning Network;
  • our own secret sauce and proprietary technology.

Not convinced?

We want to hear your feedback.
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